SEO Chain Tutorial of 10 Episodes (episode 2)

Now starting search engine optimization (SEO) of my series “SEO chain tutorial” of 10 episodes of the series.this series episodes are designed in such a way that the new and the old all will be benefited from this.

Who is the most important?

Search engine optimization consists of some of the fundamental issues. There are some serious basic things, I’ll tell about the importance of various things in SEO. There are a number of differences between the various different countries web masters. No need to say more back links to some of the cool stuff keywords. Thousands of such opinions as the most proven and has been accepted by Google. They optimize 100% share of the search engine which is the most important algorithm matter. Let’s look at the image below


Seo algorithm
Seo algorithm

The picture above shows that they have 7 importance in search engine optimization, they are:

  1. Domain name or domain information.
  2. Link popularity or site back links.
  3. Back link anchor text.
  4. Using keywords in sites.
  5. Registration and hosting’s data.
  6. Web site visitor or the amount of traffic.
  7. Social web site popularity.

These are discussed briefly in below


Domain name or domain information: 23.87%

Here it turns out that search engine optimization is 100% of 23.87% of domain name information. If you think about search engine optimization domain name or how important the correct information. So, first you must pay attention to SEO to your domain name. SEO should be about you going to do with the subject that matches your domain name. If your site is the name of the song and download then if it is so you do not need to SEO.

Link popularity or site Back links: 22.30%

In search engine optimization, back links is works as like “Building Foundation”. Evidence is 100% of the SEO back links or link 22.33% popularity have occupied space.
So there is no reason to throw back links While SEO. Keep it in mind to SEO.

Back link anchor text: 20.26%

When we give the site a link to a link in the text of the reserve. After downloading the software, it can be such a link as click here to Download or Download Software etc. Anchor link back to the text, there is a similarity. When you give your link somewhere on your link as soon as you can anchor text. These will be discussed in detail later on.

Using keywords in sites: 15.04%

It takes 15.04% out of 100%. But not so poor. So the keywords used in search engine optimization plays a role. So if you get a good result, you will need to use the right keywords.

Registration and hosting’s data: 6.91%

The fact that we do not take seriously. But 6.91% in SEO is important. It is the registration and hosting of data in the possession of this web site. So you’re trying to do as much as possible for the good web site domain or hosting. Such as site is good.

Other: 11.59%

All the rest are excluded 11.59%. There’s web site visitor or the amount of traffic, social web site popularity etc. This site analyzing is from They do not update here websites load spread. and  another thing is page rank. Here we do not mention this because this is the combination of above two back link & anchor text.

I hope you like my first “SEO tutorial” . If you like I want to do it regularly. Do not forget to tell us how was it. for more information Email: [email protected]