How To Increase Website Traffic By 200% In One Month

Are you worried about low traffic to your website? Checking ways to increase website traffic? Well you are at right place.

Getting traffic on popular websites is not very tough, but what if your website is new and not getting any traffic. Increasing website traffic for a new website traffic for a new website is a challenging task and doing only SEO is not going to help much. You need to go out and tell people about your brand.

Here we are sharing ways to increase website traffic consistently which will create an image of your brand in this digital space.

How to Increase Traffic to Your Website?

Focus on long tail keywords
Long tail keywords are the low hanging fruits you should go for. For example there are 2 keywords “loose weight” & “best way to loose weight”. “loose weight” keyword is a high search volume keyword and the competition for this keyword is very high. Due to this, it is very difficult to rank for this keyword if your website is new and lack in authority.

Check keyword data in Google webmaster tool & Google analytics and you will realize that majority of your search traffic is coming from various long tail keywords. Get those keywords and start optimizing your website for those keywords.

This long tail keyword strategy works best for blogs because you have an option to include various long tail keywords on your page.

Check this article on quicksprout about how to rank for long tail keywords.

Email marketing still works
Mailers always works. Build a database of email ids containing emails of relevant people. Tell them about your work and services you provide. Include a link of a relevant blog post in the email.

Create a mailer strategy and send mailers as per that strategy to get potential traffic, leads and sales.

Make your visitors happy with Fast Website
Website page load time is one of the ranking factor in Google algorithm. So it is really important to have a good page load time to rank well and get good traffic from search results.

From user experience perspective, if a website is loading fast then it will give its users a good experience and the users would love to come back again and again.

Guest posting is not Completely Dead
Guest blogging is dead, You must have heard people saying this all loud. Yes, It’s true but in a different way. Doing guest blogging to generate spam/unnatural links is dead.
Increase Website Traffic - seo
If you are doing guest blogging on a very popular authority platform and writing relevant quality content than it’s totally fine. Guest posts can get you large number of visitors on your website can help you in marketing your brand and establishing a brand image.

Be social
Creating great content is not enough to get good traffic. You have to go out and tell people about it. Social media channels are one of the best ways to increase traffic to a website.

You can create short posts on twitter, and long posts on facebook & Google+. Even Google+ can help your site ranking in top search results in personalized mode. If you have cool images then Pinterest & instagram can help your out in achieving your traffic goals.

Create a Facebook Group
Facebook is one of the most popular social networking site. Create a niche group on Facebook and invite like minded people to join that group. Share popular posts from your blog and discuss various topics with other group members.
Ask Questions to Industry Experts on Social Media

Mention industry experts in your social media posts and ask them questions and their opinion about your article by giving reference link of your article in the posts.
If they reply on your posts then that reference link will be visible to their followers which eventually will increase the traffic and social media like/followers.

Tweet Tweet Tweet
Submit your site to aggregators Alltop/Reddit/StumbleUpon

Aggregators site always work. List your site or submit your site URLs to various blog aggregator sites and increase your website traffic.

Express your opinion and thoughts about various topics on Quora and get people’s response on it. Share link of useful resources from your website with users and increase traffic to your website.

Focus on Videos
Do you know that videos are more engaging as compared to text content. They are short, expressive, don’t take much time to explain and viewers don’t have to make much efforts in understanding.

Now, videos also rank in search results with text results, so It is recommended to create a YouTube channel or Vimeo channel and embed those videos on your website.

Implement tags on videos to improve there appearance in search results which will increase the click through rate.

Check for Referrers sending traffic to your Website
Go to analytics and check for the referrers sending quality traffic to your website. Connect with them and provide them more relevant and useful sources to link from their website so that you can receive more traffic and links from them.

Optimize old Posts on your Website

  • Have you ever give a thought about what happened to the blog posts you wrote 2-3 years back. Are those concepts still valid or they are long back gone.
  • Open those posts, check those articles and optimize them as per the fresh concepts. Google always prefer fresh content to rank high in search results, so it will fulfill your purpose of keep on updating the content on a regular basis as well.
  • Go to Google webmaster tools and look for the keywords your article is already ranking but not in top results. Now, optimize articles for those opportunity keywords.

Create a Blog
This is the world of content marketing and blog makes your site content rich. Publishing articles on a regular basis always get good amount of traffic on website.

The biggest advantage of having a blog is that you have a chance to target multiple long tail and other keywords which are not targeted on your main website and internal link those keywords from your blog to website.
Publish Content More Frequently on Your Website

Content is always the kind in SEO. Content rich website always wins over a site with very less content. Updating and publishing contentvery frequently is one of the ranking signal in Google algorithm.

Increase the frequency of publishing your content. For ex – if you are posting 2 articles per week then increase it to 4-5 articles per week and see if there is any improvement in traffic or not. The number depends on you. Try out and check which numbers suits you and gets you more traffic.

Write well detailed Content

  • Write detailed in-depth posts on your blog. The possibility of ranking an in-depth article is always high as compared to a short article.
  • Writing in-depth article makes it easier for your users to understand the concept better. Hence, improves the user experience and brand following. Which impacts the rankings and increases the traffic to the website.

Categorize your content
Categorize your content into relevant categories. It helps readers in finding relevant articles from a specific topic and increases the traffic & page views.

  • Provide Value to Your Readers
  • You will find thousands of blog posts out there with similar types of articles but still not useful.

Always try to add value in the content you are publishing for your readers. Share content which solve problems of users. Try to create a brand image that readers love.

Write about Trending Topics
People are always searching for trending topics. Stay on top of everything and write about trending topics.

The chances of ranking a trending article in top search results are always high as there are only few people out there talking about it.

Eye catching Images
Images drive traffic through image search results. Optimize images by inserting target keywords in image URL, alt tag, title tags and image submission activity. Use eye catchy images on your website. Make sure the images are not heavy.

Visual content always works better then any other form of content. Explaining something through visual content is always better option than textual content.

Create infographics and publish it across various visual content publishing sites. Reach out to bloggers and ask them to write about your infographics. Get links and referral traffic in return from them.

Create Viral content
We all know that social media is very powerful. So take and advantage of it. Create some valuable viral content showing insights or any other useful data which users like to read and share. Share it with your social media followers, try to make it viral and see the magic in your website traffic.

Link your Blog posts Internally
Internal linking is a very good idea to keep readers on your blog by providing links for more valuable content in an article. Use keyword rich anchor text while internal linking articles and always link useful and relevant articles.

Write Irresistible & Catchy Headlines
If there is something which creates a first impression on reader’s mind, that is headline. Headlines are very important part of the content and plays a crucial role in driving traffic to website.

Make the headline as catchy as possible to grab the attention of users. Specially, when you share content on social media websites.

Try various headlines while posting content on social media and check which one works for you. Don’t forget to include the target keywords in headlines to keep them optimized.

On-page SEO
Ranking in top 50 search results is easy. But ranking in top 10 search results is very difficult. Here comes On-page optimization which makes a difference.

Optimizing website pages for target keywords always helps in getting top ranks for the keywords. Optimize title tags, meta description, meta keywords, content, heading tags, URLs, image alt tags on website pages for target keywords.


Ranking in top search results but still not getting enough traffic? Make yourself look special and different from others in search results.

  • Implement markup on your website and enhance your visibility in search results. It will improve CTR and traffic to your website.
  • Vary Content Length

Do you write only short articles on your website? OR only long articles on your website?

Experiment with your content length and figure out what works best for your blog. Write articles with different content length and check which one is taking more traffic to the website.

Link building
Building links is not only good for ranking of your website but to get good amount of relevant referral traffic.

Build links on popular high traffic websites and get high amount of referral traffic from them.

Competitor Analysis
Check the competitor’s website traffic sources through alexa or similarweb or any other tools. Look out if there is any possibilities of getting traffic from a source from where your competitor is already getting traffic.

Check Analytics to find out poor performing Articles
Analytics is always the best place to look for more opportunities. Go to landing page data and check the pages with high bounce rates. Create a list of all the high bounce rate pages and now optimize those articles to decrease the bounce rate and improve the traffic.

Become a contributor/columnist with a popular blog/brand
One thing about popular blogs is that we all go and read them. Take advantage of this and start contributing on popular blogs and platforms.

It will help you in establishing your image as an industry expert and will get more and more visitors on your website.

Start a discussion forum on a Sub-domain
Be an authority in your niche. Create a place where people can come and ask questions about various topics. Start a discussion forum on your website sub-domain and allow people to come and join your forum. Let them discuss their issues and problems with other users.

Google rank many questions and answers from different forums in search results. It will give you an increase in traffic to your website.

Build Offline/Online connections with Niche Experts
Find out people doing good work in your niche. Make connections with them and share knowledge and thoughts. Start talking about various topics on social media and work together to publish some great insights or findings.

Join Discussion Forums
Do you think you have enough industry knowledge? If yes, the share it with other people by solving their issues & problems. Join popular discussion forums and answer various questions asked by forum users. Be a contributor there, It will help you in building an image for your brand and will increase traffic to your website.

  • Ask Industry Experts/Authors to write on your Blog
  • What if Rand Fishkin writes a post on your blog? Well, you will see huge jump in traffic because of that.
  • Ask industry experts to write on your blog and share an update about it on their social media channels. It will increase the traffic and fan base for your brand.
  • Connect through comment section with other readers/writers
  • One thing that everyone appreciate and like is the interaction. Interact with the readers commenting on articles on your site.
  • Always interact with your real name because it looks genuine. When you reply to their comment then they need to come back to your site to check the comment.

Indulge into discussions and reply to all the comments and queries.

Comment on Popular Industry Blogs
Find popular blogs in your niche and comment on their articles. Use your genuine name and comment genuine idea, query or thought.

If it looks genuine then it urge the author to reply on your comment. Don’t just comment with the intent of building links but a discussion.

Content Re-purposing
Do you publish interesting content? If yes then take full advantage of that. Content re-purposing is an art of re-publishing a single piece of content in different forms on various platforms.

For ex. Let say there is a article about a case study. You can create various versions of this case study article like Info-graphics, power point presentation, video, podcasts, webinar discussion, Post on Medium, PDF submission etc.

Submit these piece of content across various platforms like info-graphic websites, PDF websites, Slide share, video sharing websites etc. Add a link in the description section pointing back to your website. It will help in increase website traffic to your website.

Speak at Conferences/Events
Conferences are very popular to spread knowledge and learning about new trends and topics. Attend live conferences and meet people out there.

Speak at conferences and tell people about your service, work you do and how you are changing lives. It will create an image in their mind and will result in increase in traffic and a better brand image.

Interview with Industry Experts
Get influential industry experts on your blog. Share their story in their words on your blog and ask them to share it on their social channels.

Create a video interview or a text interview and share their stories, thoughts and learning with your blog readers.

Create quizzes for your Readers-
Quizzes are always fun. Create quizzes using various websites available online and publish them on your website. Tell your followers about this on social media and engage with them when they visit your website. It will increase the social following and traffic to your website.

Be Consistent & Passionate

If you are following any plan or set of activities then the most important thing is to be consistent in your activities. Be consistent in your efforts and post relevant quality content as much as you can.
Final Thoughts

Increasing website traffic through white hat techniques is always a tough task as there is so much of competition these days. The above explained ways to generate traffic to website are all used by the author and it has helped in increasing traffic.

They all may not work for you but some of them definitely will. Try all these methods to increase traffic to your website and write in below comment section if you have any query, thoughts or suggestions about any of the point explained above.

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