Best Wallpapers Apps for Lock screen on iPhone

There is a whole planet of wallpapers out there. Apple always includes a selection of stock wallpaper for the lock screen, a few unique to each Apple device you have. Of course, sometimes stock lock screen wallpapers do not cut it. Sometimes you wish to add your own style to your screen lock on iPhone. In these cases, using an application to find the best lock screen iPhone wallpapers out there can be just what you want.

Lock screen on iPhone

These free of cost apps provide you varied options to sue on your iPhone, and you can customize them for better effects. With this screen lock iPhone apps, you can access a huge range of wallpapers on your device. Though, it gets confusing when you wish to pick from the myriads of apps available on the Apple App Store.

But we’ve made it easy for you here, by providing a list of best Wallpapers Apps for Lock screen on iPhone.

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1# WALLI – Cool Wallpapers HD

WALLI is an application that prides itself on not be un-splash. Not that un-splash is bad service in anyway, but WALLI believes several apps simply recycle a similar style for their wallpapers offerings. Not WALLI. This application works with artists to design wallpapers, especially for mobile phones and devices.

That means you are bound to find plenty of the screen lock on iPhone wallpapers here you would not see anyplace else. Better yet, you can select the artist of your picked wallpapers to see all creations of theirs on the WALLI app. It is just another way to find more creativity that matches your particular style.

Get WALLI – Cool Wallpapers HD App from App Store.

2# Vellum Wallpapers

Vellum is an application that aggregates wallpapers from a range of sources, so it provides a fine range of different lock screen wallpapers options. Some of the wallpapers overlap with the other apps we have mentioned, but it also has unique wallpapers you would not find elsewhere.

It has a nifty blurring tool for cutting out some details on wallpapers you might wish to use as a lock screen for the iPhone, so app names would be hard to see. It is free of cost, you can remove ads after purchasing the premium version.

Get Vellum Wallpapers App from App Store.

3# WLPPR – background wallpapers

If you are more into scientific wallpapers, then WLPPR is the application you need. With this app, you will find a big range of high quality wallpapers of our world and what lies beyond. This app collects satellite imagery from many sources to make sure that you get the collection you deserve, and it’s also very informative.

Every wallpaper has relevant info about the object or location, and you get links backs to the actual scientific sources. This app is free to download but some of the data are only available through the app purchase.

Get WLPPR – background wallpapers App from App Store.


Several apps you will find on the App store are pulling their content from UNSPLASH, a royalty-free wallpaper service takes the best pride in the photos it hosts. Because of how supreme quality the wallpapers on its website are, UNSPLASH makes for a top source of Apple iPhone wallpapers for users and lock screen wallpaper apps alike.

While there’re fine wallpapers apps out there that curate some fine UNSPLASH wallpapers for your suitability, sometimes there is nothing better than going right to the source. Plus, by cutting out the 3rd person, you can search the entire library, not just the wallpapers a particular app thinks are great.

Get UNSPLASH App from App Store.

5# Atlas Wallpaper

If you’ve hometown pride, you might need to check out Atlas App. The application is not like any on this list, as it does not include a collection of artwork or photographers. Rather, the Atlas app generates a map of any city, town,or area worldwide for you to utilize as a lock screen wallpapers. Talk about unique.

You can either put a location in the search bar option, tap the location icon to pick your present location or pinch and zoom on the map yourself to pick your area. Then you can pick a color style for your wallpaper. OLED based Apple devices look great with black backgrounds and colored lines. The free version of the app doesn’t allow you to pick 3D maps (it is 1.99 USD for that) but 2D ones look great all the same.

Get Atlas Wallpaper App from App Store.

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