How to Make a Good Instagram Story for Business?

What? Your business is not there on Instagram! Alas! You are missing out on a sea of profitable opportunities. Yes, that’s right. Instagram-the game changer for businesses looking to boost sales and engage audiences, will work magic for your brand as well provided you have the best Instagram story.

The platform has truly amplified its reputation in the business community simply by introducing businesses to create stories, interact and measure their audience.

Well, there are good reasons why you must include the Instagram story format in your business marketing plan. It definitely drives engagement and sales, but only if you successfully make a great Instagram story.

But how do you make one? Here is a step-by-step guide to the whole procedure of creating Instagram stories and maximizing results from the same.

Make a Good Instagram Story

Make Sure Your Instagram Stories Have Links

You can drive a good amount of traffic to your site simply by adding links to Instagram Stories. This is the best thing about Instagram stories as it guides audiences to a specific type of content. For example, a link for promotion, a landing page, or a certain blog post.

It is also important for your story to have a proper CTA or Call-To-Action. The end of your story should have a “See More” sign, and you can ask them nicely to click on it. Also, if you really want the audience to click on the provided link, you must remind them about swiping up.

Some examples that really work are:

    • Find out more!
    • Read more here!
    • Swipe up for more!
    • For more information!

And so on. These terms work exceptionally well in bringing customers directly to your business site.

Post Instagram Stories Consistently

Using Instagram stories does not mean that you need to post every day. No, it’s not required. Instead, you must post on a consistent basis and at a pace that you think would work for you and your business.

This can be posted either once during the week or three times a week. Whatever choice you make, always try sticking to a set schedule so your audience will completely depend on the same.

The frequency of your posts will completely depend on you but make sure people know what they can expect from your posts. To post consistently, you must ensure exclusive Instagram stories, so followers stick to your business even if you are not posting for a long time.

Use Emoji Stickers and Polls

You never know, but it is a good way for businesses to improve interactions with their potential buyers by using emoji stickers and polls in their Instagram stories. These are Instagram story ideas that work.

You can go for an emoji slider or an A/B poll where users give answers in the form of a percentage. Emoji stickers offer a more interactive and fun way of spontaneous participation of the users.

So, instead of going for both options, it will be better for you to either go for emoji stickers or polls. The choice is completely yours, and to an extent, this choice will depend on the type of business you are doing.

Post-Video Footage of Office Event

Businesses can find great success with their Instagram stories by being as human as possible. And the best way of doing this is by posting brief videos of company events and functions.

It can be anything- an award banquet or office vacation party. Posting this kind of footage to Instagram Story is an in-the-moment and easy entertainment for followers. It is a type of Instagram content that even shows individuals that you are the friendly and relevant voice in the market.

Use Question Stickers for Creating AMA Stories

AMA or Ask Me Anything is one of the greatest features of Instagram Story, with a fabulous fleeting photo-sharing element. Users on Instagram, specifically the businesses looking to boost sales, can use question stickers from Instagram’s sticker library for creating AMA stories.

This is where businesses and individuals can prompt their story viewers to ask them anything publicly, and the answer would be available in subsequent posts. Using question stickers to create AMA stories is one of the most excellent ways to use Instagram stories for business.

This is because the followers of a certain business on Instagram get the right kind of feedback within the stories themselves.

Include Product Demonstration in Your Instagram Story

Yet another great Instagram story idea where you get the scope of showing the customers how a certain product from your company is used. Remember, your product is not the hottest or simplest product for the average individual online.

So, Instagram Story would be the perfect format for showing your potential clients everything they need to know about your product. Try creating a long Instagram story divided into 15-second shots.

Within these shots, try to show users what your product or service can do and how it can help them. For instance, if you are selling a certain software, try recording the video of your computer screen showing people how they can log in, navigate the varied functionalities and use the dashboard of the software.

One word of caution with any Instagram story you are posting is taking care of the dimensions. You must change the dimensions of your video before uploading it to Instagram stories if it does not match the 1080px wide and 1920px high attributes. And yes, the aspect ratio should be 9:16.

The Bottom Line

As with any Instagram Story that you are posting, your main objective should be an increase in audience. The tips above will definitely help you create killer Instagram stories that will lure the audiences into following your brand.

Staying right on trend and following every update will bring you success in the long run. Make sure your story is of the highest quality without any monotony in subject matter and without any repetition. Happy Instagramming!