How to Write UC Essays: A Step-by-Step Guide

Planning to apply to the University of California? What a great choice, hopefully, you also understand the admission pressure and are not willing to give up so easily.

Today, different educational establishments build their own admission requirements. Yet, personal essays are a common factor that can greatly determine your eligibility for the sought-after faculty or specialization.
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Today, we are going to share with you a step-by-step guide that will reveal the tips on the UC essay writing process. Looking ahead, let’s share with you one piece of advice – it will be easier if you prepare in advance. Now, off we go!

How to Approach the UC Essays with No Trouble?

First off, the UC essays are more personal insight papers rather than any simple admission essay. Some students believe it is easier, while others are stuck with the selection of the right question to reveal their potential to the admission committee.

For instance, you should pick something that will hint the university at your skills, life values, interests, and challenges and can explain how you stand out from other candidates. Secondly, UC essays are not very large, so you do not have to prepare them a year in advance! No jokes, some students are just too prepared, you know.

When you only start thinking about the probable personal insight questions, the best variants to consider are:

1. Describe an instance when you used your leader skills to favorably influence your close environment, help resolve conflicts, or contribute to collective activities – Speak of yourself from the positive side, however, do also involve challenges where your leadership skills helped you;

2. What have you done to improve the atmosphere at your school or in your community? – It can be anything that has brought some positive effects or outcomes;

3. Everyone has a creative side, which can manifest itself in a variety of ways, including problem-solving, original and innovative thinking, and artistic expression so that you should mention a few. Describe how you use your creativity to express yourself – You have to refer to marketing and understand how to sell your best side;

4. What do you consider to be your most valuable skill? Over time, how have you developed and demonstrated that talent? – Speak of the situations where your talent helped you stand out from others, however, do not criticize others;

5. Describe how you took advantage of a key educational opportunity or overcame a substantial educational barrier – For instance, how your out-of-the-box thinking helped you manage one or another assignment;

6. Describe the most major issue you’ve faced, as well as the methods you took to overcome it. What impact has this challenge had on your academic performance? – Do not take events with no positive outcome;

7. Consider an academic subject that fascinates you. Explain how you’ve cultivated this interest both inside and outside the classroom – Ideally, it should be a subject that you are going to study at the UC;

8. What qualities do you think distinguish you as a strong candidate for admission to the University of California? – Again, do sell yourself but without boasting.

You do not have to pick one prompt but choose at least 4. Each prompt will predetermine around 350 words which are fine to present yourself as a great candidate for admission.

Now, how to write?

#1 Brainstorm Only Key Ideas

Brainstorming is super important because you have to come up with a list of your best sides, values, skills to speak about. Do one thing – refer to the outlining which helps students with every paper. Find the best statements for your presentation for the introduction, the tastiest stuffing for the main body, and conclusive marketing of yourself for the summary.

#2 Stick to Narrative Structuring

The ideal variant to sell yourself is to use narrative writing. In simple terms, it answers possible admission committee’s questions. For instance, you have picked SUBJECT that fascinates you. Your goal is to offer insight into why you love it, how you found yourself interested in it, and what areas you are willing to study more with it.

#3 Work on Your Hook

Hook or commonly referred to as a variation of your thesis is a key part of the essay which will greatly determine your success. It is like the first impression of you as a candidate. Look, if you are a cheerful person, do not neglect the opportunity to use an anecdote. If you are more into philosophical vibes, you can use a rhetorical question. Just ensure, you catch the readers’ attention.

#4 Be Honest

When the introduction is done, you have to prolifically work on the main body. This is where the magic starts. Regardless of your picked prompts, never try to oversell yourself. It means that you have to be sober about your skills and values, and never decorate them in too-much way.

For instance, if you are a very straightforward person, speak of how you are going to change the curriculum within the UC – but only if you have great ideas. It may be another hook like “Wow, this student is really a hard-nut-to-crack who won’t compromise on boring subjects”.

#5 Check the Ready Examples

Last but not least tip is to refer to ready samples online. Yet, please do abstain from borrowing the ideas or copy-pasting the statements that you believe reflect your personality as well. The primary goal is to understand the structure, vocabulary used, and sources used for writing. If you still like some sample approaches, do not forget to paraphrase them.

On some occasions, students cannot find any motivation or inspiration. This is where a professional affordable essay writing service might come in handy. Such high-quality and custom papers help is tailored per each client individually, so that you can rest assured knowing about original writing without any borrowings. You pay for the service, set the deadline, and proceed with other tasks or studies. Yet, as was hinted above, do ensure to prepare for such orders in advance, so you have enough time for revisions.

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