Top 5 Alarm Apps for Android

Does the whole idea of getting up with alarm clock irritate you to the core due to snooze of your phone or with accompanying shrill sound? there can be nicer and enticing ways which can be used to ensure that your mind and mood remains happy as you awake.

Since, gone are the days when you used to wake up from your deep sleep all of a sudden due to sudden outburst of your alarm clock and you only end up feeling uneasy and disturbed the rest of the day. Hence, thanks to the following top 5 alarm apps for Android, you will register happiness in every day of yours as well:-

1. Wake Voice App

Wake Voice AppTechnological advancement have eased our lives to the core and there cannot be a better reflection of the same than here since thanks to the app you can simply say “Shut up” to the alarm and there the alarm will at once be silent. This is the feature which gains significance as we are too lazy (while being half sleepy) to move our hand to the alarm in order to turn it off. Isn’t it?

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2. Sleep Time Alarm App

Sleep Time Alarm AppThere is the need of an app which can directly keep an effective check on your sleep cycle in order to help you to wake up at the time which is fit for you. The alarm makes it presence felt just at its right time so that you can ensure cool and fresh morning. Sleep Time keeps a track of the time to wake up by equally ascertaining the time when you experiences deep sleep or a light one.

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3. Warmly Alarm App

Warmly Alarm AppWhat better way to start a day amidst chirping of birds, along with other soothing sounds which has the potential of making your morning special and coveted? The app does exactly the same as the alarm at first goes off in a quiet manner thereby becoming louder in order to give you a solid and coveted reason to wake you up. Having an awesome UI, you just need to shell $1.99 to get hold of this awesome app. Therefore, make your morning quite special like the way you want, since if mornings are happier then it eventually make the rest of your day in the same fashion as well.

4. Alarm Clock Xtreme App

Alarm Clock Xtreme AppNow, getting up amidst chaos and confusion due to uncomfortable tone will be a thing of past as thanks to Alarm Clock Xtreme, you will be able to wake up in a full-fledged way. This Android app comprises various sorts of tone like soft, gentle, harsh etc as it ensure that you wake up feeling happy.

5. Gentle Alarm App

Gentle Alarm AppIf there is an Android app which is indeed regarded to be quite caring then it is Gentle Alarm. According to its name, it wakes the person at the time when he is experiencing light sleep. This app is a welcome change from those apps which at once make the person shocked to the core thanks to the shrill sound which they are normally synonymous with.