VoIP a Next Generation Technology

VOIP is a next generation technology through which telephone calls can be made by using the computer network, over a network such as the internet. In VOIP service the voice signal gets transmitted as a digital signal and again converts back to the same as we talk over a normal phone. VOIP calls can be made with a phone attached to a adapter. A dial tone is heard every time a call is made through a VOIP service. A VOIP call is made directly from a
PC to another PC, using a microphone.

Internet protocols are generally network servers and switches and the software being installed can easily be upgraded and modified even after ten years from now. Since the maintenance cost is almost zero, where the up gradation is made without any extra charge. In this way the system remains refreshed and even after years it will seem like new.

A user firstly determines the quality of the service, so that an important call is never missed VOIP requires a vast network for the betterment of the call quality. If the coverage is not good in the home circle then the consumer can fix the problem or get used to it. The same fault would not be tolerated in the guest room by the business tycoons.

The VOIP is such a network that even works in a heterogeneous environment.

Voice calls should have such capability that it can carried by any local networks. Like the PBXs, PSTN, and the internet. Advancement in the VOIP software means PC telephony software is available with every software developer.
The traditional PSTN telephone structures i among the masses for the last hundred years and has established itself as the most reliable voice communication system. Where as VOIP is a new technology in which people will depend but in a slow progress as it need some time to establish itself in the market.

As VOIP is the latest technology in the market it can become the cause of many developments in the society, like the recognition of speech, synthesis of speech, and digitized audio is among the popular one commonly used in call centre activities. Cinema tickets can also be booked through VOIP.

Wireless VOIP is the latest development in the society. But the main focus remained i the implementation of Wi-Fi that is based on software named IEEE 802.11 WIRELESS STANDARD. The main benefit is to replace the expensive mobile phones with the cost effective internet based calls. Once the VOIP gets logged in to the network, one can easily access their normal phone extension, and one can also enjoy all its features and functions sitting anywhere away from the actual location.

VOIP wireless can be run in a number of ways, such as software can be loaded in the laptop and can be used easily in a WiFi zone. This wireless technology has got already established in the market, and the soft phones or the software phones are also available for handheld computers and PDAs. Nowadays Wi-Fi phones are in the markets which are similar to the mobile phone, which uses a wireless internet connection.

Thus VOIP is a new step towards various dimensional reality of life.

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