15 Tricks To Boost Traffic With Pinterest

Are you wondering about how to get traffic through Pinterest using images? I was also confused about this 3 months ago but when I started doing it and received a very good traffic from Pinterest it cleared all my doubts.

If your are using Pinterest optimally than you can get more traffic than other social networks like Facebook, YouTube, Reddit etc.

Checkout with this guide on what is Pinterest and How Pinterest Works if you are new to Pinterest.

We are sharing some steps for Pinterest Optimization to increase website traffic.

#1. Choose Good Posts to Pin

Its not necessary to pin everything on your website but choose your posts to pin wisely. Find what people are posting about your topics, and posts pins having already an audience on Pinterest.

Do some research about what kind of pins people are posting and re-pinning related to your blog topics. Use search option in Pinterest and try various topics and search terms related to your blog, It will give you

  • Pins related to your search term
  • Boards related to your search term
  • People pinning images and content related to your search term

Pinterest shows Pins, Boards, Pinners when user search for any Query

#2. Write Eye-catching Descriptions, Use Call-to Actions

Visit boards, pins related to you topic and find out what kind of pins people are pinning, and re-pinning most.

Pick keywords used in Board title, Pin titles, Description and hash-tags and create a list of keywords and use them in your pin title and description.

Write a little description about your posts and leave the rest as a secret for users to checkout. Don’t forget to provide the blog post url in description, as it gives a link to your site. Use call-to action terms in your pin descriptions.

Create your Own image like this with your Message written over the image with the site url, Write brief description about your article with proper hash tags and the post URL

#3. Pin the Right Image for Your Blog Post

Pinterest is all about Images. It’s a game of images. So always use images to pin wisely. Always pin a high quality image for better user experience.

Choose the best image from your blog posts which is eye-catching and conveying the message about your post to Pinterest users.

It is not necessary to always pick and image from blog posts, You can create an image by yourself.

Attractive images get more visitors to click on your Pin and visit your blog, and increases the rate of re-pin.

Write your message about blog post on images, It helps users to find out what the pin is all about. Include call to action in image Captions, It increases the CTR and re-pins.

Include Keywords in title and description with proper hash tags and website URL

Optimize Pinterest Images with Following Points in Mind

#4. Add Pin-It Button to Your Blog and Images

A Study from BrightEdge shows that websites having social buttons on website have 7 times more sharing than others.

Having Pin It button on images allows users to Pin your posts images easily and quickly to their boards, It increases the back links as well as visitors for your website.

Add Pin-it Hover Button for Images on Your Blog

Use Pin it button to pin blog posts also, It allows them to pin all the images in your blog posts quickly. Follow button helps in increase followers.

Add Follow Button for Pinterest

You provide all the information about the images as well as blog posts initially.

Go to “Pin-it” and get it.

Go to Icon left top corner next to search box -> Businesses -> Tools -> Make a Pin it Button

Build Pinterest Widget For your website with Widget Builder

#5. Re-pin other’s Pin on Your Board
Don’t Just focus on your own but re-pin other’s board pin in your board too. Re-pin all the useful content in your niche for your followers.

Always provide credit to sources when you are pinning from any other source.

Re-pinning Images and videos from other boards helps you to keep your profile community based with all kind of pins there rather than a self-promotion profile promoting pins about their product & services only.

Re-pinning other content which suits your profile helps in creating your brand with long term benefits.

#6. Pin Info-graphics and Tutorials

More than 80% of pins are re-pins on Pinterest. So re-pinning others pins everytime is not gonna benefit you so much. Make sure your images are beautiful.

Create your own Info-graphics about your content and pin them with good title and descriptions. A good and valuable visual content increases the followers and re-pins and helps you to establish as a brand. Tutorial pins see a 42% higher click-through rate than the average pin. [Source: Pinerly]

Pin tutorials with eye-catching images, Pin current trending topics in your niche.

Here in this image we can see Info-graphics have a complete expanded look in feed which catches eye of users, results in high CTR and re-pinning.

Info-Graphics Looks eye catching with full height in Feed, Increases CTR

#7. Use Pinterest Analytics to Drive Better Results

This is very important step to find out which strategies are working out for your and which are not. Pinterest insights helps alot in deciding what next to do to grow.

Find out the best time and best audience for you from insights and grow your brand more in them.

You need to verify your website in order to unlock Pinterest analytics tool. You can use Google Analytics tool also.

#8. Engage with other Users, Followers and Activities

Like other social networking sites, Here also you have to engage with your followers and users to make them your blog readers. The more you connect with other people on Pinterest, more they will connect with you on your blog and other sites.

Answer all the comments on your pins from your followers, Give them advice and suggestions to grow on Pinterest.

Share Pins consistently so your pins get seen in your followers feed. It increases the Pin CTR as well as re-pins.

Follow your followers and checkout their pins and boards, comment on them and re-pin interesting pins from their boards.

Re-pin the most trending and useful pins from your niche for your followers, It helps them to find useful content and increases their trust on you.

#9. Pin at Right Time for Better Results
Pinning at the time when most of the users are online is a very important thing to get most of the traffic. When you pin at the peak timings then your pin will appear in feeds of online users results in increase clicks and CTR.

A recent study shows that the best time to share on Pinterest is between 2 PM to 4 PM in the afternoon and 8 PM to 1 AM in the night. Try and post your pins between these times.

You can pin at other times also as there will be less users online so more the chances of your pin to come in users feed and less competition.

#10. Content Marketing with Pinterest

You can get lot of traffic to your content if you can become creative.

Create high quality images for your Business representing your product & services and their functioning for users. It helps them to understand your services better.

Create useful info-graphic showing summarized points about your content and pin it for Pinterest users.

Collect data for your business and represent it in charts to your users, Case studies in the form of info-graphics are really a very good way of content marketing.

#11. Promote Less Followed Boards

Promote your less followed boards among your followers, It helps in increasing followers and re-pins.

Re-pin pins from less followed boards to a board with high number of followers. Re-pin pins from less followed boards to other group boards.

#12. Join Popular Group Boards

Join various popular group boards related to your niche topics and contribute pins there.

Re-pin your pins in other group boards for their followers. It helps followers from other boards to find your and follow you which results in increase in traffic.

Ask other high authority people and brands to join their boards and to contribute. As you can see high authority people have more number of followers, so re-pin your pins to their boards results in high traffic for your blog.

#13. Add a website and Brand Name

Add your website to Pinterest and verify it. It makes you genuine.

This is how a verified website looks like in Pinterest.

A Verified website with a verify sign in Pinterest. It helps users to find genuine users.

Add your website url on your pin images, It helps users to find the image source even if the image got re-pinned or re-published somewhere else. People who want to learn can find and visit your website through url mentioned on image.

#14. Use Article Pins

This is a new concept introduced by Pinterest a few weeks ago. They are also called Rich pins because of their good looking representation such as Product pins, Movie pins, Article pins, Receipe pins etc. It looks like a summarized blog article.

An article pin share more information than any regular pin. When they’re Pinned, they automatically include information such as headline, author, story summary, and link. They can even include a logo and byline image. For driving traffic to your blog site these Pins will add an incredible boost.

You need to apply in order to get Rich Pins added to your site. For a blog you need to add a metadata to your site before apply for it. Here is the metadata code to add to your site for Rich Pins.

Read the Pinterest Developers Rich Pin guide for more knowledge and to apply for it.

Here is an example of Tech-Crunch Article Pins, How they looks like when they pin it on Pinterest. This Summarized blog look like pin increases the CTR as well as number of re-pins.

Article Pins looks like Summarized Blog feed in Pinterest

#15. Host a Contest and Create a Contest Board on Pinterest

A fantastic way to drive traffic is to create an engaging and interesting content. There is one way to do this.

Run online contest on your website and create a contest board on your Pinterest profile and post contest details there.

Give goodies, subscriptions, takeaways and other gifts in contests. These contests makes users to check your website on a regular basis for contest details.

You can also run a Pinterest board with coupons and vouchers providing different coupon codes, It helps in increasing the followers and traffic to your website.

Contest Board from Seniordeal with Website URL in description

So what do you think about these tricks? Pinterest is not about images only but continuously getting popular as a content marketing social network. With quality profiles and interested readers this social network has a very big scope for future. Try these tricks and improve traffic to your website, write your suggestions or queries in comment box.