Follow 8 Steps To Get Your Website On First Page Of Google

Are you looking for to get your website on first page of Google? Don’t, We will help you with good quality information in 8 steps. Just follow our instruction.

PageRank is a link analysis algorithm, named after Larry Page, used by the Internet search engine Google that assigns a numerical weight to each element of a set of hypertext documents, such as the World Wide Web, in the aim to “measure” the relative importance as a whole. The algorithm can be applied to any set of entities with quotes and reciprocal references.

8 Steps To Get Your Website On First Page Of Google

Step 1: The first step will be to understand the specific keywords applicable to your website. While it can be nice to think as broadly as you can (web design, rather than Seattle web design), it’s important to think about the niche so you can get early results faster (the reverse relationship fewer results equals a higher probability of climbing the rankings faster).

get your website on first page of Google
Get your website on first page of Google

In this step, guess “What search term do you use if you search online for your business?” For example, if you own a Apps Development company, you don’t want to start with “Development company” but rather “Apps Development company”. Knowing what keywords people can search for your business with is critical to the success of your online presence.

Step 2: Research your competition. Take a look at the sites that rank on the first page of Google and take a close look at what their site looks like by examining their source code through your browser. But be careful not to copy any content or META tags because search engines will notice and penalize your site. It is very important to BE ORIGINAL.

Step 3: Knowing your keywords and analyzing your competition is one thing, but designing a site that leverages those keywords is a huge challenge in itself. Several criteria come into play with website elements to improve your website’s visibility in the search engines for the targeted keywords.

These elements are:

  1. SITE MAP.
  2. Title of the page
  3. Website text
  4. Image ALT tag
  5. META tag

There are several rules to follow when designing and coding your site for search engine visibility (or if a professional does it for you). While the full range of rules is beyond the scope of this article (but will be covered in an article below), here are some basic tips (also see Resources below for links to valuable design information and coding based on SEO).

  • Make sure your keywords appear in your keyword and description meta tags at least three times but no more than seven.
  • Make sure your page title contains your site’s keywords at least once but no more than three times.
  • Make sure your site has at least three instances of your keywords in Image ALT tags and make sure all of your images have ALT tags that describe the actual image.
  • Make sure your website text contains at least three instances of your keywords and no more than seven per web page (more than this can be considered keyword SPAM by search engines) .
  • Create a sitemap for your website (see – Home for more information).

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Step 4: We’ve all heard the click that “content is king”, and getting high rankings will definitely involve certain elements of “content” creation (besides your link popularity). Content can take the form of articles, well-worded comments, intuitive blogging, and other carefully worded web comments that relate properly to your site with your keywords (check out sites like and Creating a free unique and beautiful website or blog. It’s easy and full free for online blogging.

Step 5: Sign up for an analytics package like Google Analytics (free from Analytics Solutions). You will need to learn to read the analytics to see how your site visits are going. You can also run your Google searches daily to see where your site is listed in the search engine results.

Step 6: Market, market, market. You have to sell yourself every day and in every way possible. Link to your site on blogs, comments, press releases, your local chamber of commerce publications, in print, on Craigslist and just about anywhere you can. Also, the more information there is on your site, the better, so create that content and use it to market your site.

Step 7: Have patience. This process will take a good 6 to 12 months. You have to create content and links every day to get high rankings. Remember that Google will have to believe that your site is more important (in terms of links and content) than your competition for your certain keywords, so you have some work ahead of you.

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Step 8: Use your contacts. If you have contacts on other websites, try to link them to you. Also, find the online directories applicable to your website and try to get listed there with your keywords or just a link. The more links on your site, the better!

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