How To Set Up An Internet Business In 7 Days!

The speed in our day can only of change be described as fast and furious! I wonder if you (my reader) are familiar or can plug on a day you hear the following words into the feeling you get- ‘No More Money, No More Company, and So No More Job Pete’! In his great book (in my opinion), ‘Who Moved My Cheese’, Spencer Johnson admonishes everyone who cares to listen to constantly smell ‘the cheese’ to make sure it’s not stale so you are not caught unawares! The cheese here will especially mean, but not restricted to, your JOB (Just over Broke).Our increasingly inter connected world has also opened up massive opportunities for everyone who wishes to become his/her own boss.

Setting up an internet business is not with fluff in 7 (seven) days. The best results from experience commonly stem out of an urgency created by the more often than not unfortunate incidence of losing a job you have entirely depended on. (It is not restricted to that only) It could be a passionate hatred for your ongoing unfulfilling and unsatisfying job! The motive for this ‘how to’ information rose out of a friend who lost his job unexpectedly. Story was, he was treated easily unfairly by his employer but the end result was the same as.

My internet marketing From experience, you need to have systems up and continue if you would make a continuous income from your activities on the internet or online. Think systems! The exciting thing about the field of internet marketing or online marketing is that if you know what to do, all you have to do is stand on the shoulder of other successful internet marketers so you can avoid the pitfalls and booby traps early on in your online or internet marketing career.

Get a Domain Name and Website

You need one or more domain name and website. You can’t really sell much on the internet without it. You’ll need a bit of money to get started $100/£50. A big sign of caution in the internet marketing field is that, there isn’t that much that is actually gratis (free) on the internet. Free service providers also give you for free whooping great advertisements and horrible pop- ups on your website.

What You’ll Be Selling?

  1. Affiliate sales
  2. E-books

This isn’t hard to do. The first time is the hardest but when you do it right first time you can repeat the process.

That’s it! One of the greatest reasons for failure in the field to over complicate things of internet marketing is the ever present tendency! I race up the curve in the field of online or internet marketing. Keeping it simple is one advice I have gleaned off the back of successful online or internet marketers. One experienced internet marketer’s creed is, ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’.

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