Top 10 Apps for Your Windows Phone

As all of us know, Windows is a popular operating software for PC. However, it is not limited to PC alone. Today, many smartphones too run on Windows; Nokia Lumia being one of the popular smartphones that come with Windows preinstalled in it. And there are many apps available to extend functionalities of your Windows phone. Here are the most popular and useful ones:

1. Yelp
One of the most important and helpful apps which you can look out for your Windows phone. You can hit quick links to find nearby bars, salons, restaurant, cafes, and many more and you can even filter your searches by distance, price, and what’s open now. It is worth downloading for its large database of reviews that help you to find out which restaurant will be better for you and your family. It has an amazing feature where you can find “hot+new” business around you. Each listing has a brief description with the average star rating, reviews, and distance from your phone’s GPS determined location. You can look up for addresses and phone numbers of businesses around you.

2. Pandora
Explore the world of music with this app on your Windows phone. It’s totally advertising- free so that you can enjoy without any disturbance. This free app will take the advantage of Live Tile which is highly personalized, allowing you to pin your Radio stations right to the Start screen to see what is currently playing. It also allows easy access to stations without launching the app where you can save your most of the time. Live Tile feature is very much helpful to multi-taskers as it can help them save a lot of time. Its another feature is Kid’s corner which will automatically activate the explicit content filter for kid-friendly listening.

3. Photo Editor by Aviary
One of the excellent photo editing apps on your windows phone. Main features of this app are adding stickers, effects, texts, cropping, adjusting brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, and red eye. You can diminish the red eye effect and improve the blurred parts of images. You can make orientation changes to flip images horizontally or vertically. One unique feature in this app is that you can caption your photos to send them to your friends by using text tool.

4. LinkedIn
All of us are well aware what LinkedIn is all about. Now you can access your account by this app on your Windows phone. You can connect with 200 million members or above anywhere after installing this app. You can keep yourself updated by reading latest industry news. You can also explore jobs you might be interested in and keep your group up-to-date.

5. Dredd vs Zombies
Here comes the thrilling game app for your Windows phone. You must protect your city from Zombie invasion! Arm yourself with four devastating upgradeable weapons. You have to fight with four deadly zombies in three episodes and thirty levels. The game is highly replayable; you can continue the levels where you left when you play the game next time. Choose from seven equipment upgrades; each gives a different combat advantage. You will be rewarded with stars and commendation skills.

6. TeamViewer
TeamViewer has long been one of the most popular remote desktop apps and it is used for booting. Now, the Goodness of this app has arrived on your Windows phone. Whether you are providing support to friends and family, administrative work or work from your home – TeamViewer lets your job to be done. Using TeamViewer on your phone, you can remotely connect to computer which has TeamViewer already installed in it. You can also switch between multiple monitors with ease and reboot your remote computer.

7. Star Chart
Windows phone comes out with star gazing and astronomy app known as Star Chart. This app is a great educational tool which features all 88 constellations and it depicts accurately 120K stars up to magnitude +10. You can shift forward and backward in time by up to 10,000 years. You can even track and explore Satellites including Hubble and International Space Station from Earth using this app. It has very powerful zoom function which lets you view the sky in extra detail. To keep things realistic, the planets are represented with detailed 3D models.

8. Weave News Reader
Weave is exclusive news reader for the users of Windows phone. It allows you to follow many blogs and websites. There are many news sources and you can also group them into convenient categories like humour, politics, entertainment, etc. You can even share Weave articles via emails, and social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. The app is highly customization in terms of fonts, colors, voice, and so many other things.

9. Wikipedia
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, is now available on your Windows phone. All of us know that Wikipedia has millions of articles in over 280 languages. Now you can access this encyclopedia anywhere from your phone. You can read article in different languages and can share articles with other applications. You can also pin articles to read it later. Whole world is available on your phone through this app.

10. Skype
Here comes one of the best video and voice call apps on your Windows phone. You can enjoy free Skype to Skype video calling to your friends and family over your data plan. You can stay in touch even when the app is closed through its calls and messages notifications. You can also enjoy low cost mobiles and landline calls throughout the world.

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