Windows 7 important & Wonderful keyboard Tricks

Are you want to work first your computer? This is best blog for you. This post help you, shortcut keyboard tricks. This shortcut code work in windows 7, win 8, win 10, not only Windows 7.

Anybody working professionally with a PC has their hands on the keyboard a large portion of the time. An simple arrangement is to just keep the hands on the keyboard and finish however many errands as could be expected under the circumstances with console alternate routes only.

This article portrays some important Windows 7 keyboard tricks to kick you off. Note that some of these shortcuts will only work if Windows Aero is enabled. If Aero effects are disabled on your computer,enable it first. To enable Aero “Right click on mouse in desktop–>Personalize–>Select any Aero theme

Aero Shortcuts:

1# Make each single open window straightforward to view devices and symbols on desktop.

keyboard tricks

2# [Windows key] + [D] (Aero Peek)

Show or hide the desktop.

3# [Windows key] + [Home key] (Aero Shake)

Minimize all but selected window. Reverse by clicking the key combination again.

4# [Windows key] + [left arrow] OR [Windows key] + [right arrow] (Aero Snap)

Dock selected window to the left or right half of your screen.

5# [Windows key] + [up arrow] OR [Windows key] + [down arrow] (Aero Snap)

Maximized and restores the selected window.

6# [Windows key] + [SHIFT] + [up arrow] OR [Windows key] + [SHIFT] + [down arrow] (Aero Snap)

Maximizes and restores selected window in vertical dimension only.

7# [Windows key] + [Tab] (Aero Flip)

Launch 3D representation of open windows and click [Tab key] again to flip through them

Windows & Taskbar:

  •  [Alt] + [Ctrl] + [Tag] + left/right/up/down arrow

Flip window.

  •  [Alt] + [Tab]

Cycle through open windows.

windows 7 keyboard shortcut2


3# [Windows] + [T] OR [Windows] + [SHIFT] + [T]
Move focus to front or back of taskbar. Press [T] again while holding the [Windows] key to cycle through items in the taskbar from left to right or, with [SHIFT] button held too, from right to left.

4# [Windows] + [B] + [Enter]
It will show ‘show hidden icons’ button on the system tray.

5# [Windows] + [1] THROUGH [Windows] + [9]
Launch first through ninth icon on taskbar, including items pinned to taskbar.

6# [Windows] + [SHIFT] + [1] THROUGH [Windows] + [SHIFT] + [9]
Starts new instance of respective taskbar icon.

7# [Windows] + [Ctrl] + [1] THROUGH [Windows] + [Ctrl] + [9]
Cycles through multiple instances of the respective icon.

8# [Windows] + [Alt] + [1] THROUGH [Windows] + [Alt] + [9]
Opens jump list for respective icon.

Multiple Monitors:

1# [Windows] + [SHIFT] + right arrow OR [Windows] + [SHIFT] + left arrow
Move selected window from one monitor to another. They will remain in the same relative location.

2# [Windows] + [P]
Select presentation display mode.



1.[Windows] + [+] OR [Windows] + [-]
Activates Windows Magnifier to zoom in or out of screen.

2# [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [D]
Switch to docked mode.

3# [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [L]
Switch to lense mode.



4# [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [F]
Switch from docked or lens mode back to full screen mode.

5# [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [I]
Invert colors.

6# [Windows] + [Esc]
Exist magnifier views.


1.[Windows] + [G]
Cycle through desktop gadgets.

2.[Windows] + [X]

    Launches Windows Mobility Center. Especially useful if you’re working on a laptop.


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