SERP Checker Tool

SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page. The tool is very helpful to online marketers and SEO experts as it gives official results regarding the ranking of websites. SERP is a page that appears when you enter your query in the search engine’s search bar. The result page obtained is known as SERP. An SERP Checker thus determines the position and rank of the site or query. SEO is a very vast field and determines how to attract visitors to a particular site or keyword. There is a higher chance of attracting visitors if your domain has a better position.

Why Is An SERP Checker Important?

This tool is paramount for you if you are a website owner or an SEO expert and want to know about the rank of your page. The first result on an SERP gets the first position on a checker tool and gets 30% of the total traffic generated by search results. The second result only gets 1% of the traffic as people mostly get their desired result on the first page and don’t move on to the second one. Therefore, SEO experts and marketers try to get the highest ranking for their sites in order to get them on the first page of the search results. Search engines keep updating their databases all the time, but the SERP rank doesn’t change very often.
SERP Checker Tool

How To Use The SERP Checker?

The SERP Checker tool can give you from 300 to 1000 top SERP results or rankings for keywords and domains. Follow the points given below to have a complete understanding of using this tool:

Enter the domain name in the domain field and select the region. It’s better to go with Global (

If you want to check your website’s ranking in comparison with other sites, you can enter the domain names in the competitor domain The tool will highlight the competitor domains if they are on the SERP.
Now, enter the keywords you want to know the rank for. The word limit for keywords is 25.
After the input of keywords, you can check its rank by using the circular green arrow.
The results will show you where your keywords or website stands in the top ten sites of the search engine rankings.

There is also a ‘Check All Keywords’ option, which is used to check all the keywords at once. It is recommended not to use this option more than once in a day.

How To Improve Your SERP Ranking?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the key factor to make a website successful. There are a number of SEO techniques through which you can increase the SERP ranking of your site. SERP rank is crucial for the success of any website. So, if you are a site owner, online marketer or an SEO expert, make sure to use this tool to check the ranking of your page every now and then.

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